About Us

toZeno is a full feature browser based platform intended to give the users a full control on what they do and how they do it on their smart phones.

The name Zeno refers to the "Zeno of Citium" who is a well known and respected Greek thinker from 334-262 BC. His teachings were founded on the principles of Goodness & peace of mind derived from an active control of one's actions.

toZeno browser allows you − our user, to exercise full control on how the browser renders contents in your smart phone. Unlike other browsers, toZeno does not downloads (by default) advertisement material from known advertisers. This results in significant reduction in overall data use when browsing websites. For pre-paid data plans this leads to proportionate cash saved. Ofcourse, if you want to see the advertisements, through the settings you can allow toZeno to load advertisements from allowed advertisers.

DataGenius Software Labs is a premier ICT company registered and based in New Zealand. Our talented group of people strive to continuously innovate and bring you only the very best.

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